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Nights In White Satin by xFrerardLivesONx Nights In White Satin :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 2 0 Supernatural Meme by xFrerardLivesONx Supernatural Meme :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 8 3 nose by xFrerardLivesONx nose :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 0 2 IDEK by xFrerardLivesONx IDEK :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 1 0 Mandatory CanineCharacter meme by xFrerardLivesONx Mandatory CanineCharacter meme :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 2 3 Maiden by xFrerardLivesONx Maiden :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 1 7 Zombie Maiden? by xFrerardLivesONx Zombie Maiden? :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 0 0
Gone 'verse continuation
She scrubbed a hand over her eyes, letting out a frustrated sigh.  She had been up longer than the sun, woken by the cries of her young son in the early hours of the morning.  As she was still off from work on maternity leave, she had spent the entire day tending to the kid, and as a result she had had no peace.  She knew that the leave hadn't been given to her so that she could have a relaxing vacation free of work, but this was just ridiculous.  She was sure babies weren't supposed to cry this much.  Having tried playing with, feeding and bathing him, she was at a loss as to what to do.
For the past week she had only ever been able to snatch a couple of hours of rest at a time, whenever her child settled enough to sleep.  It hadn't been like this before, and the only reason she could think of for her son's restlessness was the absence of her husband.  Though it sometimes seemed as if he felt uncomfortable when requ
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 1 0
in our darkest hour... by xFrerardLivesONx in our darkest hour... :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 2 13
Her quiet hitches of breath could still be heard from across the room, where a boy was stood peeking in through the doorway, pausing in his intense game of hide and seek.
The woman didn't look up as she let another pained sob wrack her small frame, choking out from between her lips. Her flaxen hair hung limp and dull, obscuring her face, as her head slowly began to move from side to side.
"No," escaped from her quivering mouth and she sucked in a long, shuddering breath. "W-wh... why, he... no."
There was a rustling sound as her hands started to shake, crumpling the piece of paper that she held in them. Her eyes scanned over the page restlessly. Tears had forced the ink to run and blur; some of the words were now illegible, but it didn't matter. By now she had it committed to memory.
Irritated by the ruined state of the letter, she cast it aside, not caring as it drifted to the floor on the far side of the room. Digging frantically in her pocket, she retrieved her phone, fingers
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 3 6
Zwiebeln - for Zoe by xFrerardLivesONx Zwiebeln - for Zoe :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 1 3 Merman by xFrerardLivesONx Merman :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 1 4
Give Me Attention, 9 END
When they arrived at the venue, they only had a little while left before they had to get ready for the show.  The bus had had to stay an extra long time at a service station because the driver had accidentally filled it up with the wrong type of fuel. They’d had to take it all out and fill it up again, much to the annoyance of everybody who had been riding on the bus and had to wait.
Ryan sighed. Now they didn’t really have time to explore before the show. Usually, they’d all look around the area, but now it looked like they’d have to find something else to do.
Finding his laptop, he connected to the internet. Maybe he’d watch some videos on YouTube.
After he had typed in the address, he noticed that one of their new interviews was one of the day’s most popular videos. He clicked on it.
As it was playing, he realised that it was the second interview they had done. It was the one in which he and Brendon had argued. Ryan noticed that he had definit
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 10 35
Evil and Suffering by xFrerardLivesONx Evil and Suffering :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 1 7
Give Me Attention 8
Ryan was woken up in the middle of the night, long after Claire had left, to the sound of the door slamming shut. He looked over to see Brendon standing with his back against the door, tears streaming down his face.
“Bren?” he questioned sleepily.
Brendon looked over at him and sobbed, rushing over to the bed. He climbed under the covers and burrowed into them, hiding his face.
“Brenny, come on,” Ryan said, pulling the crying boy’s shaking form towards himself. Brendon buried his face into Ryan’s chest and clung to him, still sobbing.
Ryan shushed him, wrapping his arms around him and putting his lips to his head. He rocked Brendon gently until they both fell asleep.
He woke up next to a warm body for the second morning in a row. Looking down, Ryan saw that he and Brendon were curled up together again but, this time, their positions were reversed. At the sight of his friend, he was reminded of the previous night. He frowned.
Carefully, he smoothed some
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 5 26
Brendon and Ryan by xFrerardLivesONx Brendon and Ryan :iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 7 21

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